If You Don’t Know How To Plan For Sales Success, How Will You Ever Be Successful?


SALES SUMMIT: How to land large accounts & new stockists

Walk away knowing exactly how to pre-plan your sales activity so you are fully prepared for cold calling buyers; knowing how to build an authentic but commercial rapport with your buyer; setting yourself achievable sales deadlines and goals and meeting them; and the best way to do the post call follow up. These skills will help you close the deal and move you onto your next big sale.


See why so many foodpreneurs are RAVING about Chelsea’s training:



This workshop-style masterclass is for women growing food or drink businesses: wholesale food or drink products, catering, culinary education and packaged meals.

Negotiating with buyers and closing the sale are vital aspects of the ‘Activate Stage’ along your foodpreneur growth journey.

At the Activate stage you need to execute your sales techniques to continue to grow and eventually scale your business. Sales is more formulaic than most foodpreneurs realise. The key is to follow the formula and be consistent, because results happen from the actions we take, not what we ‘think’ we should do.

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Some foodpreneurs you look up to are crushing it by getting a steady flow of new customers, buyers, stockists and great sales results…. chances are, that’s exactly what you want too, right?

You want to work less, reduce the number of days where you think “will this ever happen for me” and get off the hamster wheel of making, baking and creating with such little money to show for it. Instead you want more money to reinvest in your business to grow and pay yourself a great wage.

But the biggest hurdle I hear struggling foodies say time after time is this…

“I hate sales”.

And if you’re on this page, I have to assume you’re thinking the same thing, right? You’re saying…

  • I don’t know where to even start in order to meet my revenue goal.
  • I have no system that’s right for food businesses to follow. 
  • I am not confident when talking to stockists or buyers.
  • I’m tired of making so many calls and not getting my product listed.
  • Honestly… I’m a creator, and no good at selling myself or my product!

Goodness! It’s those kinds of fears that so many foodies experience when they don’t have a sales system that helps them prepare for their first contact with a buyer. Or when trying to work out how to develop an authentic but commercial rapport with a buyer. Or when defining their revenue target, because they know they need to, but they’re unsure where to begin and whether that number will be achievable.


I understand all of those challenges and I want to help.

The cold hard truth is:

If you don’t have a sales activity system to land large accounts, or attract new stockists, you will remain stuck. And stuck keeps you broke.

I know you feel overwhelmed from multi-tasking and your results not being where you want them to be… so if you do not systemise your selling and sales planning you will continue to feel overwhelmed and you won’t hit your dream revenue number.

The truth is, the lack of any sales system increases the likelihood of you spinning your wheels. You end up winging it and that’s a strategy that just does not work.

Instead when you follow a tried and trusted system, you become more confident.

Let me give you an example. Nat, who I’ve been working with in my Foodpreneurs Formula® program, learnt how to systemise her sales, and sales planning. She implemented ‘Work it Wednesday!’ into her hot sauce business. This step alone saw her double her monthly stockist target and she’s been on the up and up ever since.

If you want to go big, like Nat, it’s important to know that taste alone won’t get you there. Landing your dream accounts, negotiating like a pro and building your revenue requires a plan, but once you’ve got that plan, you’ll have money consistently coming through the door. And money gives you choice and ultimately more freedom!

So… if you no longer want to feel lost, exhausted, or like you’re coming across as ‘salesy’, stop overthinking it and take action.

I’m going to give you all the tools you need to systemise your sales and sales planning, including my: 

  1. Five-phase sales checklist; 
  2. Quick & dirty income calculator; 
  3. The Single Sales Objective (SSO) framework; and 
  4. Sales planning template.

These are the exact tools that have seen action-taking foodpreneurs move from their side-hustle to leading six-figure businesses that pay them a great wage.

If you want these tools too, to get these results, register for the masterclass.


My Personal Guarantee

When you join my Sales Summit, I guarantee you’ll walk away knowing the steps to take to sell to large accounts and stockists…


In other words, if you don’t know the steps to take to sell to large accounts and stockists by the end of this class, all you need to do is email Kate, my customer support liaison with your completed coursework within 14 days, and I will happily refund 100% of your funds – no questions asked. PLUS you’ll get to keep the recording and workbook!

I guarantee this because my success is absolutely measured by your success.


Hi, I’m Chelsea Ford, founder, Females in Food® and creator of the Foodpreneurs Formula® program

I’ve helped hundreds of foodpreneurs double and triple their revenue and now it’s your turn!

Foodpreneurs Formula® costs more than twenty times the cost of this masterclass. It is the first time I’ve offered my decades of experience and coaching expertise at this low rate, and probably won’t ever again.

I want you to know how to sell because I see so many foodpreneurs not knowing how to establish relationships with large accounts and stockists. That concerns me because unless you learn what sales systems you need, you’ll stay stuck, and when you’re stuck you’ll never graduate to become a formidable foodpreneur.

For that reason I want to make sure that I give as many women in food and drink as possible the opportunity to learn from me so they can have the kind of sales impact that they desire.

So… are you in?


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