This module is designed to help you understand what your goals should be,  how to prioritise them and how to create a plan to achieve them so you have more certainty in your business and create more freedom for yourself. This goal setting module will sky rocket your accountability practise.

Ninety percent of foodpreneurs stay stuck at the start up stage and I want to help you get beyond that. 

In this module I’ve given you my R.E.D.I. (reflect, envision, decide and initiate) model to goal setting and establishing priorities.

In this module there are two workbooks to download and complete. By following the process, step-by-step, you will know what direction to steer your business toward so you are less overwhelmed and achieving more of what you want because I help you know what daily actions  you need to take to ensure you get there.

This is what’s inside the workbooks:

1. Goal setting for foodpreneurs workbook which has the first three steps to help you

    • play to your strengths
    • see the bigger picture of what you’re wanting to create and
    • set your priorities using my Function 8: Business Building Blocks model

This workbook also includes a foodpreneur case study to help you envisage what you too could do for your business.

2. How to set your 90-day success plan to reach your goals using the fourth step of my R.E.D.I. model so you can map your 90-day plan of action.

So that’s what’s inside the ‘Goal setting for foodpreneurs’ module. Make sure you join my coaching sessions because I’ll be diving deep into how you can set goals and actually reach them so you move closer to your dreams.