This module is designed to make you an expert in your chosen channel – foodservice, retail or direct to consumer and to help you avoid common pitfalls that only people in the industry could tell you about once they’ve been in it for a long time. I’ve circumnavigated any issues that may arise for you by giving you an insider’s intelligence on the sales channels – it’s part academic, part tactical and it’s all from experience. I want you to feel like you know your chosen channel really well and confident that once you finish reading and completing the Sales Channel Frameworks you’ll have insider knowledge too, I don’t want you to feel uncertain about what it takes to attract customers and be profitable in your chosen channel instead I want you to be able to talk industry language because understanding the jargon is part of a winning  formula.

The ‘I need a winning sales channel strategy’ frameworks explain the chain of distribution, an overview of the differences between the channels, how to price your product and services correctly and I give you an industry glossary with an explanation of industry acronyms and abbreviations and descriptions of typical industry terms. 

So that’s what’s inside the ‘I need a winning sales channel Strategy’ module and frameworks. Make sure you join me inside The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group because I’ll be diving deep into the frameworks to help you really triumph in your chosen sales channel. Plus there’s a make it happen mastermind session this month too, I’d love to see you there. Check the events page for registration details.