This module is designed to help you have more freedom in your business by systemising all your activities to either automate, or outsource (to a person or a robot) or to streamline all of your operations so your business, and you, are more effective. 

Foodpreneurs fundamentally prefer to be creating not doing administration or finances or sales. Not always but often. Whatever it is that is not your zone of genius, I want you to outsource it but you can’t until you have a system for it. Every activity in your business ultimately requires a system and to do that you need a business map. I’ve created the templates for you to build your own. 

In this module there are the following resources to help you:

  1. A Systemising your food and drink business introductory document with my Function 8: Business Building Blocks model
  2. The Building A Business Map workbook with the business divisions templates and
  3. ‘Systems for food & drink businesses’ four video tutorials with systems expert, Natalie Campbell.

So that’s what’s inside the ‘I need to systemise my F&B business’ module, workbook and video tutorials. Make sure you join me inside The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group because I’ll be diving deep into these tools to help you systemise your business so you have more certainty and freedom. Plus there’s a make it happen mastermind session this month too, I’d love to see you there. Check the events page for registration details.