This module is designed to give you helpful and implementable tools to increase your profitability. I want you to begin to think deeply about building a profitable business rather than just creating products or services.

I see most foodpreneurs just keep producing things without actually looking at the numbers. Now this module is not purely about numbers, this module is about tactics and strategy to help you with specific profitability tools. 

There’s three documents to download and use in this module:

  1. The Profit Formula workbook that is packed with implementable tools and information that will educate you in this area.
  2. A dynamic Profit & Loss Statement template (spreadsheet) for you to learn how to manage your revenue, COGS and operating expenses in your business and
  3. A dynamic margin calculator (spreadsheet) to help you build your confidence and knowledge when pricing your products or services including your wholesale invoice price and your RRP and to help you understand your intermediaries and your margin. This is going to change your life!

So that’s what’s inside the ‘I need to be profitable’ module, workbook and spreadsheets. Make sure you join me inside The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group because I’ll be diving deep into these tools to help you create a system for managing your revenue and costs so you are profitable. Plus there’s a make it happen mastermind session this month too, I’d love to see you there. Check the events page for registration details.