This module will set you up for real success in the next 12 months when you spend the time to execute your 12-month operations plan thoroughly.

This is where your growth trajectory starts, so if not now then when?

My operations planning resources will help you learn how to think about, plan for and implement structure in your food and drink business so in the next 12 months you have a solid and actionable plan to follow, to avoid the risks and set yourself up for growth.

Most foodpreneurs do not set themselves up with an annual operating plan but not you, a member of my Foodpreneurs Formula®, once you download the 12-Month Operations Plan workbook, watch this coaching video, join my live coaching sessions and ask your questions inside The Foodpreneur Coach private member Facebook group you will have an enviable and formidable operating plan that sets you up for serious operational success, to leverage now and for a very long time to come.

This is what’s inside the 12-Month Operations Plan workbook for you to complete:

  1. Set your current year objectives;
  2. Determine what the top 3 market forces you need to take advantage of right now are;
  3. Predict your risk reduction milestones;
  4. Document your financial model;
  5. Decide what your organisation chart is;
  6. Nominate how you distribute your time; and
  7. Determine what your promotional activities need to be to meet this year’s objectives.

So that’s what’s inside the ‘Operations Planning’ module. Make sure you join my coaching sessions because I’ll help you to use your plan to increase your sales, mark your marketing work, reduce the costs of your raw materials, build a new facility, look for a new business partner and everything in between.

Success is all about taking action.