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WEBINAR: How to create a Food & Drink Brand

Friday 7th April 2017, 10am AEST

Females in Food presents another one of their information packed, highly relevant and totally free webinars. This time we’re teaming up with a Females in Food VIP Member owned business, Our Revolution – a consumer branding and packaging design agency.

Did you know, a product and a brand are very different? You may have a fabulous food product but without the captivating brand and packaging design to match, it will unlikely draw the attention it deserves. How does your consumer know your beverage is the best one on the shelf? A great brand and packaging design will get your product noticed, desired, talked about and remembered. It is a fundamental component in helping your business grow and reach its full potential – especially a food or beverage product. How else will you get noticed amongst the many choices we have in front of us today?


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