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WEBINAR: Kickstarter Masterclass to Accelerate Your Business Browth




Wednesday 7 June 2017 6.30pm AEST

Don’t want to be a part of the 80% of small businesses who became insolvent last year? With the right focus, planning and expert guidance, you don’t need to be.

Join highly regarded food & beverage growth strategist, mentor and facilitator, Chelsea Ford, when she presents three powerful strategies you must know if you want to build a profitable and rewarding business.

In this webinar, Chelsea will cover

1. Pitfalls of not having a vision and how to get one (Hint: what’s your purpose).

2. Techniques to understand what business you’re really in. (Hint: how do you make your customers feel).

3. Strategies to define your business priorities for growth (Hint: what to stop doing and what to start doing).

4. A case study of the steps she took to help a small business owner get more organised and free up her time to work on the business rather than in the business.

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