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Webinar: How to ensure your ideas don’t get ripped off


Wednesday 2 November 2016
10:00am AEDT

When it comes to protecting all of your hard work and ‘blood, sweat and tears’, copyright, trade marks, patents and overall intellectual property all have their place. But do you really know why, when and how these elements come into play?

In collaboration with Progressive Legal, Females in Food is hosting a live webinar on protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) as a business owner in the food & beverage industry.

Progressive Legal are experts in small business and start ups and alongside Females in Food founder, Chelsea Ford this is an exclusive opportunity for the Females in Food community to ask questions* and learn the ins and outs of:

What is a trade mark?
>At what point in your business should you trade mark?
>How much does it cost to trade mark?
> What does ‘intellectual property’ really cover?
> and much, much more.

We’d love you to join us live, but if you can’t attend you can watch the reply video at your own convenience. (You must register for the event to receive the replay video)

*please note, the webinar is not meant to replace specific legal advice and due to confidentiality, specific cases / situations cannot be openly discussed. The content of the webinar, including any publications, is of general informational nature

* an amount of 10% will be added for GST

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