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Action Item Category: 3.6 Negotiation Strategies

3.6 Why your buyer isn’t buying

Why Your Buyer Isn’t Buying Infosheet When to walk away from the table (for now). Ten reasons why your buyer isn’t buying. Get the PDF version of Why Your Buyer Isn’t Buying infosheet by clicking on the...

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3.6 Persuading your buyer

Persuading Your Buyer Workbook Foodpreneurs tend to think it’s their food or drink that is what moves buyers to purchase, but actually, it’s often what they do first to create a particular state of mind in their buyer that...

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3.6 Buyer’s motivators

Buyer’s Motivators Worksheet Use this resource to understand and accelerate your buyer’s decision making journey. Learn the two decision making processes the human brain needs to go through to accelerate decisions:...

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