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Action Item Category: I need more customers

Sales Plan

Sales Plan A sales plan is a clear strategy and activity planner that sets out your Single Sales Objective (SSO), the data you will measure to know if your sales activity has been successful or not, your sales target list and...

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Single Sales Objective

Single Sales Objective The Single Sales Objective (SSO) is the focus of any sales activity – the product or service you are intending to sell to your customer. It’s actually a model I teach in BCAP but because I want...

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Quick & Dirty Income Calculator

Quick & Dirty Income Calculator Use this calculation framework as a ‘back of the envelope’ numbers check to help you see how many products/services you need to sell to reach your revenue goal. Get the PDF version...

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Five-Phase Sales Checklist

Five-Phase Sales Checklist Sales calls (either face-to-face or via online technology) can be an expensive way to get a sale unless you plan for its success. To get a positive outcome you must be prepared and plan what you will...

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