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Action Buddy

Action Buddy Take action with an Action Buddy because often we’ll do it for someone else more readily than we’ll do it for ourselves. Get the PDF version of our Action Buddy PDF by clicking on the download button and...

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Post-It-Note Challenge

Post-It Note Challenge The Post-It-Note Challenge is designed to help you decide on your monthly focus areas – the activities that will deliver the best return on investment and effort. Get the PDF version of the The...

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Structure of Focus

Structure of Focus The ‘Structure of Focus’ exercise helps you ‘see’ how learn best and enables you to plan your work for greater productivity. Get the PDF version of the ‘Structure of Focus’...

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Function 8 Exercise

Function 8 Exercise The Function 8 exercise helps you know if you’re wasting time on things that aren’t important. Get the PDF version of the Function 8 exercise model by clicking on the download button and keep an...

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Function 8

Function 8 Function 8 helps you understand the structure of business units, even if you’re not ready for a separate unit for each function in your business yet. Your planning and thinking needs to reflect them so when...

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