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Action Item Category: I need my product/service to succeed

One-Phrase Strategy

One-Phrase Strategy If you do the ‘One-Phrase Strategy’ model well, you will be able to clearly stand-out amongst your competitors. This is a Business Coaching Acceleration Program (BCAP) model that is too important...

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Solution The purpose of the ‘Solution’ model is to help you reduce the friction your prospective buyers may experience as they consider purchasing your product or service. It is also a very good precursor to the next...

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Quick & Dirty Income Calculator

Quick & Dirty Income Calculator Use this Quick & Dirty Calculator’ as a ‘back of the envelope’ numbers check to help you see how many products / services you need to sell to reach your revenue goal. There’s...

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Market Assessment Chart

Market Assessment Chart Quantify that there actually is a market for what you’re creating. Unlike the chart before, Market Definition where you looked at who you are targeting, this chart helps you quantify that there is a...

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Market Definition

Market Definition Use this Market Definition chart to quantify that there actually is a market for what you are creating before you create it. This assessment should be done before you spend any resources creating your new...

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