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Action Item Category: I need to stop the overwhelm

Brave Your Dreams Masterclass by Rupda Ji

Brave Your Dreams Masterclass By Rupda Ji One hour of time with yourself, for yourself. A gift of time and space to be with yourself, no one else with nothing else to do.Use this Masterclass to spend specific time thinking about...

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What Should I Focus On?

What Should I Focus On? Download the ‘What Should I Focus On’ model after you complete the Four Quadrant Business Cycle because whilst the latter helps you know what your priorities should be, the former, ‘What...

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Four Quadrant Business Cycle

Four Quadrant Business Cycle The Four Quadrant Business Cycle model highlights the four big components of doing business and this model helps you know what your biggest priorities should be. Get the PDF version of the Four...

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Uncomplicate My Business

Uncomplicate My Business The ‘Uncomplicate my business’ model enables you to do more with less. In other words, streamline your business so you are more productive in the right areas rather than spreading yourself...

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Do It Differently (D.I.D.)

Do It Differently (D.I.D) The ‘Do It Differently (D.I.D.)’ model helps you notice how you may sabotage you and your business. For example; are you afraid to increase your prices? Or are you holding back on something?...

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