12-Month Operations Plan

In the 12-Month Operations Plan workbook you’ll find a 7 point framework to set your business up for clarity and continuity for the next year.  Start by printing the workbook and then complete each 7 steps. The steps interrelate so your outcomes will be determined by your ‘whole of business’ approach that I help you with inside the workbook.

  1. What your current year objectives are – setting business objectives is about setting the stage for taking more effective action.
  2. What are the top 3 market forces you need to take advantage of right now. Market forces refer to the supply and demand that your business is experiencing.

  3. What are your risk reduction milestones? Unlike the previous point about taking advantage of market forces, switch your thinking now to what actions or activities do you need to take to make sure you are prepared for the ‘worse case scenario’.

  4. Your Financial model is one of the key pieces for you to have clear in your mind at all times, and that’s why I have written the five absolute important pieces of financial information you need at your finger tips for the next three years. 

  5. Next is your organisational chart, or the people in your business. You may not have anyone working with you right now, but to grow you will need to engage others, even if it is just on a contract or casual basis initially.

  6. To my last point about you not wanting to be the one who is ultimately responsible for everyone and everything, it’s why I’ve now asked you to document how you distribute your time.
  7. And lastly your promotional activities that dovetail with this year’s objectives. I suggest you focus on one promotional activity per quarter until you have more resources so that you excel with that one.

Get the PDF version of the 12- Month Operations Plan by clicking on the download button or clicking on the image. 

Operations Plan