Data Wallpaper Large (A3)

This is a game changer for growing your food or drink business. My data wallpaper needs to be the backbone of your business from now on. My data wallpaper helps you document, track and measure key data points in your business so you know if you are succeeding, or not. It is from now on your visual status check. It is gold (if I say so myself!) 

I’ve developed this because too often foodpreneurs simply do not know their true challenges and therefore they spend time worrying about the wrong things. Once you start to measure the data for specific functions in your business, you’ll quickly learn what’s working and what’s not, and the key to this is that the data you measure will help you glean insights into what to do in a specific function of your business if something is not working.

  1. Start by choosing one function
  2. Decide what data to measure
  3. Fill in the numbers of your chosen function
  4. Stick the wallpaper on your wall
  5. Update and review it every month

Get the PDF version of the Data Wallpaper large size by clicking on the download button or clicking on the image. There are two sizes, this one is the large size document. The information is the same on both regular (A4) and large.