Profit & Loss Statement

This Profit & Loss Statement template has been built for you, members of the Foodpreneurs Formula®, to copy and to use in your business. This version is ‘view only’.

I want you to know your revenue and your costs really, really well and so when used in conjunction with The Profit Formula workbook and the Margin Calculator (both also in this module), you’ll have a very strong and complete system for managing your business so you are profitable – keeping a watchful eye on your revenue, COGS and operating expenses.

I suggest you review your P&L in depth at least every month and conduct a quick numbers check on a weekly basis. Knowing your numbers IS the key to making further decisions for your business and its growth.

Open, copy and save the template to your computer so you can input your own numbers into your own Profit & Loss Statement. There’s two tabs; one with instructions called ‘About’ and the other is the actual ‘P&L Statement’.

Click on the download button to open the file and keep an eye out for my ‘Chelsea Live’ coaching sessions in The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group where I help you create a system for managing your revenue and costs so you are profitable.