Reach Your Dream Destination Workbook

The Reach Your Dream Destination workbook has been designed to help you cultivate incredibly successful goal setting practices and habits. It all starts with my four step R.E.D.I. model to help you move from feeling stuck or unclear to the next stage along your foodpreneur journey so you have more consistency in your business. 

My R.E.D.I. approach model will help you, step by step, set the right goals that are aligned with your vision and prioritise them according to what’s important and move you away from overwhelm and uncertainty because they keep you from reaching your dream destination.

Click on the button to download the Reach Your Dream Destination Workbook PDF and start to work through the processes step by step as outlined. And keep an eye out for my ‘Chelsea Live’ coaching sessions in The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group where I help you plan for the success that is truly possible for your business growth when you clarify your goals.