Establish A Winning Sales Channel Strategy For Direct to consumer

Direct to consumer (DTC) means you are selling your product  or services directly to your end customers without third-party retailers, wholesalers, or other ‘middlemen’. The mode in which you sell your products directly to consumers could be via your website, your social media, at markets or via your own retail store.

To be successful in this channel there are some fundamental marketing elements that I need you to really understand before you go to market. The difference when going direct to consumers compared to selling through the Foodservice or Retail channels is this, you need to do (or at the very least manage) everything yourself.  What I mean by this is simply, you need the full value chain or go-to-market capabilities as outlined in the framework document attached. Note most of this is required for all channels, except in this channel you also have to manage the orders and deliver your product yourself.

Once you complete the DTC channel framework you’ll know:

  1. What exactly this channel is all about;
  2. Whether you are prepared for the channel;
  3. What winning looks like in this channel;
  4. The top ‘watch outs’ in this channel; and
  5. How to construct your DTC pricing.

Download the PDF channel framework for Direct to consumer by clicking on the download button and keep an eye out for my ‘Chelsea Live’ coaching sessions in The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group where I step you through how to use it to pin-point how you can become a DTCl expert and avoid common mistakes non-industry people make.