Single Sales Objective

The Single Sales Objective (SSO) is the focus of any sales activity – the product or service you are intending to sell to your customer. It’s actually a model I teach in BCAP but because I want you all to get it right so you meet your revenue target, I wanted to share it with you here in the Foodprenuers Formula program too.

Write your SSO using the formula inside the model I’ve provided.

The point of the SSO is to help you have laser focus for the full year’s target number and once you have that, then chunk it down into smaller time periods such as months. When we do this it’s easier to digest and organise our sales activity toward that smaller number rather than the full year number because that may feel too big right now.

Get the PDF version of the Single Sales Objective model by clicking on the download button and keep an eye out for my ‘Chelsea Live’ coaching sessions in The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group where I step you through how to use it to have a laser sharp focus on your sales activity and revenue return. In other words, I want to help you get a better return for your efforts.