The 90-Day Success Plan

In the first task of this module I asked you to do three things; firstly to reflect on your successes and failures (misfires) in business, secondly to envision the future direction you want to take your business in and thirdly to decide your priorities. Now, in this second part of the goal setting module, I am asking you to initiate your 90-day plan.

In business we commonly chunk activities into 90 days because most businesses measure results and set targets in quarterly increments.

In this workbook put your goal setting into action by writing your 90-day success plan so that reach your goal. This part of the goal setting process is crucial because it’s where you clearly name the activities and their due dates that will move you toward that goal. So don’t miss out on this exercise! Remember it’s all about the activities you take, not keeping ideas just in your head.

Click on the button to download The 90-Day Success Plan Workbook PDF to write your goal and activity plan. And keep an eye out for my ‘Chelsea Live’ coaching sessions in The Foodpreneur Coach private Facebook group where I help you plan for the success that is truly possible for your business growth when you clarify your goals and take daily action toward achieving them.