The Profit Formula

The Profit Formula workbook is packed with implementable tools and information that will educate you and move your focus from creating a product or service to growing a sustainable business.

There are six learning outcomes you’ll get from completing this workbook + utilising the Profit & Loss Statement template and Margin Calculator (also in this module) alongside the workbook.

Once completed, you will:

  1. know your profit and loss statement very well using the food and drink profit and loss statement. 
  2. understand your revenue and your costs. 
  3. nail your margins using the margin calculator. 
  4. know and preempt any mistakes foodpreneurs typically make in this area of profitability so you can avoid making them yourself. 
  5. understand the language of profit and loss and 
  6. understand how to become profitable and stay profitable.

Download the The Profit Formula Workbook PDF by clicking on the download button.